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Light Blue Germicidal


Light Blue Germicidal   is the most affordable UVC disinfection alternative on the market today

and we plan to keep it that way forever! Yes, our lights cost money to manufacture, test, insure,

 package & ship, but in most applications our lights will be in operation for up to 12 years/ 

 8000 hours before the end user so much as needs to change a light bulb.


   Light Blue Germicidal is in the publicly spread germ & virus disinfection business

using a Patent Pending technology to keep you, your employees & your customers safe!

 Light Blue Germicidal sells custom made-to-order stationary ultraviolet lighting coupled with software driven electronic detection of pedestrian traffic as a switch to dismantle the RNA and DNA of 99.9% of germs on publicly used "Touch screens, Keypads, Buttons, Handles, Hand-held devices & Whole Room Upper Air & Surface Sanitation in  Grade Schools, Middle Schools High Schools, Community Colleges, State Colleges, High rise & office buildings, Shopping-malls, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Casinos, Cruise Ships, public restroom, Rental-Cars, State & local governments, Fast-food Drive-in, Convenience stores & Truck Stops".  Just to name a few.... 


Germicidal Ultraviolet

by Light Blue Germicidal

With the added confidence in lighting technology powered by Fulham, a trusted UV component supplier of over 20 years.

Never has it been easier to add germicidal to your facility.





Light Blue Germicidal

Our 18 inch computer controlled germicidal lighting

is available for preorder now up to 80,000 units

delivered in as little as 90 days.

Insured against fire, theft & personal injury.

Light Blue Germicidal Complete Leasing Program

$10 per month for 24 months


A Upgraded Technology Lease Renewal Option 

At 36 months.


Germicidal Ultraviolet

Upper Air Purifier

Mission And Vision

   Light Blue Germicidal is an American company with a big responsibility to be on the front line in front of our first responders to negate the spreading of germs & viruses that make you & me sick.

Light Blue Germicidal has brought several technologies together to dramatically slow the spreading of germs & viruses on a vary large scale vary quickly with price points & leasing agreements to fully back this mission statement.

Founder & CEO, James Stunkard